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Find the best baseball gloves for 12 year olds can be a challenge sometimes.

Here we have come up with a well analyzed list of the best baseball glove for your kid while considering all factors as well as the perfect size of gloves for him or her based on their playing position.

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Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds

The baseball glove is a most important equipment of baseball game. Every day many people searching in google for select the best baseball glove for 12 year old players, but it’s not easy to choose the best one. Don’t worry, We select the top 10 glove for 12 year old players with buying guide & sizing guide.

#1:Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove Series

Regarded as one of the top manufacturers in the game, Wilson has dropped off another amazing product sure to give the players a great performance with a nice feel. The Wilson A2000 baseball Glove series is a great glove best for 12 year old baseball players. The A2000 comes in different color and it is contains various mind blowing features. There is the dual welting in the glove’s pocket, as well as the Dri-Lex wrist lining to help protect you from the discomfort of perspiration during a game. The glove is designed with the Pro H webbing style. It is designed and made from high end leather which is very durable and is sure to last for a long while.

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Special Features:

  1. Pro H web
  2. Dri-lex wrist lining
  3. Dual Welting
  4. Flat finger binding
  5. Easy break-in


  • Brand:Wilson
  • Model:WTA20RB20OT6
  • Position:Suitable for Multiple positions
  • Hand Orientation:Both left and right hand
  • Product Size:12 inches x 8 Inches x 6 inches
  • Age:Perfect for 12 year old


The Wilson A2000 baseball glove series is a top glove in terms of comfort. Its high end leather construction material is soft enough to give the player a better feel during use. Its Dri-lex wrist lining is there to solve all your hand perspiration issues during a game meaning and form of sweat causing discomfort is done with.

  1. Comes in different colors creating an avenue for various choices and options
  2. Leather is of high quality and very durable.
  3. Protects your hand from inner sweat during game
  4. Price sort of seems fair
  5. Dual welting provides a lasting break-in
  1. Compared to some other products, break-in seems pretty long

Why do we recommend it?

The Wilson A2000 is awesome and great for young players looking for something to help them take up their performance to a whole new level. It is a right bargain and a trial is definitely going to leave you feeling pleased.

#2:Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series for 12 year old

This is one of Rawlings top product on the market. The Rawlings Sandlot baseball glove series is might seems a casual glove but it is a beast on the field of play. For one hoping to boss the pitch, then this equipment is just right for you. This piece has already been broken in to some extent by Rawlings thereby leaving you with just 10% of easy break-in job left to do. It has a padded finger back lining to make the finger areas feel really comfortable and easier to use. Compared to some other manufacturers who enjoy placing the price of their gloves sky high, Rawlings made this one of an affordable and friendly price meaning no one can miss out on this. It has the Zero Shock Palm Pad to help keep your hand protected from impact or rebound. It’s the perfect baseball glove for 12 year old player.

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Special Features:

  1. Zero shock palm pad
  2. 90% break-in job already done.
  3. Padded finger back lining
  4. Unique Vintage designs


  • Brand:Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Model:SFM18-3/0
  • Position:First Base
  • Hand Orientation:Right hand throw
  • Product Size:10.6 inches x 9.4 inches x 6.5 inches


The Rawlings Sandlot baseball glove series comes with top notch feel. It possesses the Zero shock palm padding tech which helps provide optimum protection for your hand and reduced impact to the minimum. It comes with a padded finger back lining to ensure that your hand remains comfortable to enable your bossing of the pitch with ease.

  1. It is very affordable and pretty cheap
  2. The padded finger back lining provides you with comfort around the fingers
  3. Shock palm pad helps reduce the impact on the hand and protects your hand
  4. Break-in is easy and just a little job left to do.
  1. For players with large hands, this glove will not be suitable
  2. Fitting is pretty much not guaranteed

Why do we recommend it?

If you are in need of solid equipment (Solid glove) and need one for the right price then the Rawlings Sandlot baseball glove has truly got you covered. It is sure to get your needs and wants satisfied and keep your performance up there like a pro.

#3:Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

Looking for comfort and durability with quality and standard performance, then you have to go for the Wilson A900 baseball glove series. It is one of the best-selling gloves on the market also best pick for 12 year old player and this is because of its quality as well as what it offers. Its versatility is one of its strongest points meaning no matter your playing position on the pitch, you can definitely get a piece of the action from this glove. If you are a player who is good at more than one playing position then this should definitely be your pick. It comes to you game ready. You don’t need to take some time to break it in or have a little practice with it first; you can just unpack it and start using it on the pitch right away. This glove comes with a double palm construction and a low profile heel to help with its stability and maintenance even during a game. It is available to both right and left hand oriented players. Wonderful and friendly price range so you don’t have to break the bank to get this one.

Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds | iBatReviews (3)

Special Features:

  1. Double Palm Construction
  2. Low profile Heel
  3. Comes game ready
  4. Single post web style


  • Brand:Wilson
  • Model:WTA09LB20125
  • Position:Multiple positions
  • Hand Orientation:Suitable to both left and right
  • Product Size:13 inches x 8 inches x 8 inches


If you need a glove that offers that comfy feeling, then the Wilson A900 has got you covered. Its double palm construction offers you stable and flexible feeling making the glove an easy one to use.

  1. The glove comes game ready straight from the factory
  2. Low profile heel feature makes it open up easily
  3. The glove guarantees you maximum pocket stability
  4. It takes your hand shape when in use
  5. Suitable for players of both left and right hand orientation
  6. Very versatile and suitable for use in various positions
  1. The glove needs a better fitting
  2. Hand perspiration is still an issue with this glove

Why we recommend it?

The Wilson A900 baseball glove series is ready for use straight out of the pack. You don’t need any break-in process to help you out. It is stable, comfortable and flexible and pretty easy to use which means you are sure to enjoy your game with this one. Its price is just right and sure to be a really good bargain.

#4:Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

There is always the great feeling when you know you have purchased a masterpiece and that confidence when you start making use of it especially on the pitch. This is sure to be the effect should you get one of these for your kids. This java leather constructed glove is very durable and its quality is top notch. Stacked with amazing and wonderful features, this glove is sure to take your kid’s performance to heights. The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series comes pre-oiled and game ready and set for a real long time and lasting use. The presence of the Para shock plus palm pad means there are no more stings from catches or any rebound effect and the player’s hand is fully protected. It comes with a flexible design which allows for easy closure during use. It fits perfectly into smaller hands and your lad can grow into this piece making way for a longer use hence its durable structure. You can be assured and guaranteed that your kid can use this glove for several season and it is sure to withstand the rigors of it. Its price is superbly friendly and reasonable and such a price range makes this glove a sure bargain. Mizuno also offers you a one year warranty on this glove which makes it a solid assurance.

Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds | iBatReviews (4)

Special Features:

  1. Java Leather construction
  2. Hilo Lacing
  3. Para shock plus palm pad
  4. Double Hinge heel
  5. Butter soft palm liner
  6. Game ready glove
  7. V-flex notch
  8. Powerlock Closure
  9. H-web


  • Brand:Mizuno
  • Model:312745.F883.24.3400
  • Position:Catcher
  • Hand Orientation:Left hand throw
  • Product Size:12.6 inches x 7.1 inches x 6.7 inches


The Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series provides players with classy feeling of unmatched comfort and protection. The glove comes with the Para shock plus palm pad. An added technological feature to ensure that the player’s hand stays protected from sting, rebound effect or impacts throughout the game. Its butter soft lining creates for a soft and comfortable palm feeling. The presence of the powerlock closure makes sure your hand stays fitted and snug and removes any fear of the glove falling off.

  1. Presence of Para shock plus palm pad makes using this glove more appealing because of hand protection.
  2. It is pre-oiled and game ready from the factory
  3. The glove is really flexible and offers easy closure
  4. Very much suitable for a youth player
  5. Has a top fitting with the powerlock closure
  6. Price range is pretty friendly
  1. It is most suitable for only young hands
  2. Chemical used for breaking-in glove at factory might prove harmful to the leather later on

Why we recommend it?

There is basically no reason why anyone would not want to have a taste of the Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Softball Glove Series. With such amazing features on show and a price range that friendly and affordable, it is just the right bet and sure not to be a gamble. It comes with a one year warranty from Mizuno meaning they have got you covered.

#5:Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Baseball Glove Series

The Wilson A2000 Superskin Baseball glove is tremendously a nice glove, one capable of helping the player run the show on the pitch. Its construction material which is the Superskin, is easy to break-in. Unlike the usual leather, it is lighter, thinner and when it comes to being weather resistant, it is way better. Its Superskin material makes it way more durable than the average glove. Even amongst the Elite professionals in the game, they do prefer making use of a glove with the Superskin material as it offers them a lighter feel and freedom. Its thin nature as well as its thin heel pad is not only to make it more of lightweight equipment, but also to make the glove offer an easy closure.

Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds | iBatReviews (5)

Special Features:

  1. Superskin construction material
  2. Dual welting
  3. Thin heel pad
  4. Closed two piece web
  5. Patented Pedroia fit
  6. Flat finger binding
  7. Perfect size for 12 year old player


  • Brand:Wilson
  • Model:WTA20LB20B212SS
  • Position:Pitcher
  • Hand Orientation:Left hand throw
  • Product Size:12 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches


The Wilson A2000 Superskin Baseball Glove series is regarded as one of the best in terms of its feeling and its fitting. With the addition of the patented Pedroia fit, it makes it capable of fitting to smaller hands as well as the medium sized ones. Its Black Superskin material is twice as strong as leather but also lighter which means players get to enjoy the light feel and freedom when moving and playing. The thin heel pad allows for an easy closure.

  1. Break-in process for this glove is quick and easy thanks to the Superskin material.
  2. Dual welting feature allows for a lasting breaking and a durable pocket.
  3. The glove construction material is very much durable
  4. Lightweight glove
  5. Provides top fitting to player’s hand
  1. Wilson should have added a feature to help with palm perspiration
  2. Price range might be a bit scary

Why we recommend it?

The Wilson A2000 Superskin glove is super classy and exciting. Using this glove as a player is such a confidence and performance booster. It is sure to enhance your game and put your there amongst the best. Although the price can be a bit scary but considering it’s features, it is well worth it.

#6:Mizuno Premier Slowpitch Softball Glove Series

Mizuno has yet again met the hearts of their customers and baseball players with this beauty. The Mizuno Premier Slowpitch Softball Glove series is one of their amazing products with which they have been blowing up the market since 1906. Its design is unique and it is embedded with great features that make this piece mind blowing. Once of the unique thing with this glove is its construction material. Made from pigskin leather, the glove is made to be very durable and gives it users lasting performance. It comes with butter soft palm lining that offers you an increased durability, better feeling and comfort. For 12 year players with smaller hands, it has a power lock wrist strap for a better fit. This means whether you have big or small hands you can always make use of this piece. Mizuno has made this glove to be available to both hand orientations. For player with left or right hand preference you can all enjoy this glove.

Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds | iBatReviews (6)

Special Features:

  1. Butter soft palm liner
  2. Pigskin leather material
  3. Power lock wrist strap
  4. Easy break-in
  5. Tartan U web style


  • Brand:Mizuno
  • Model:312792.R974.15.1250
  • Position:Infield, Outfield and pitchers
  • Hand Orientation:Available for both left and right hands
  • Product Size:12.5 inches


The Mizuno Premier Slowpitch Softball Glove Series has an amazing feel of comfort which it offers to the players. Its addition of a butter soft palm lining which is the PU palm liner brings a top level of comfort to the player’s hand. Its power lock wrist strap help add a better fitting to the glove which enables it feel snug on the hand. Players with small or big hands can always feel comfortable while using this piece.

  1. Very attractive design
  2. Leather material is of top durability and last long
  3. Easy break-in process
  4. Butter soft palm liner added for better comfort and amazing feel
  5. Performance enhancement glove
  6. Affordable price range
  7. Available in both hand orientations
  1. Might need more padding especially for hand protection

Why we recommend it?

The Mizuno Premier Slowpitch Softball Glove Series is special and very much reliable equipment if you intend to boss the pitch. For players who are in need of equipment that would feel snug and comfortable on the hand then this is definitely a great choice for you. It comes at affordable prices and it is versatile enough for use in more than one playing position.

#7:Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

Talking of one of the best softball gloves for 12 year old and one of the most formidable from Mizuno Corp, then it is the Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series. It comes with a superb look and design. It is designed specifically for the young female baseball players to help them top their game and has a lot of advancements in it to back that up. Made of Bio soft leather, the MVP Prime is durable and is as durable as the gloves used at the professional levels. It will without doubt get you perfectly through the end of a season and other seasons without losing its shape and style. Its pro level laces help players thrive better with fast balls in the game. It comes steer soft palm liner to offer more comfort and a better feel to your palm to ease you play and performance.

Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds | iBatReviews (7)

Special Features:

  1. Bio soft leather
  2. Professional level lace
  3. Gender engineered
  4. Tartan web design
  5. Para Shock plus Palm Pad
  6. Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  7. Center pocket design


  • Brand:Mizuno
  • Model:312710.FR90.13.1200
  • Position:Outfielder & Pitcher
  • Hand Orientation:Left hand throw
  • Product Size:12 x 6.9 x 6.7 inches


Comfort and fitting is a watchword when the Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series is concerned. Its bio soft leather material is very comfortable on the hand and makes for a great feel. The use of the steer soft palm liner also helps in this regard. The glove features the Para shock plus palm pad to help provide optimum protection for the player’s hand against rebound or any form of impact. It has a vertically laced heel which allows for better flexibility. In addition the its tremendous features, there is an adjustable Velcro wrist strap to allow the player adjust its fitting to the her preferred size.

  1. The Para shock plus palm pad offers excellent sting and impact absorption.
  2. Leather material is extra durable
  3. The gloves comes with a professional leveled lace to aid with faster balls
  4. Specifically engineered for female players
  5. Extra soft feeling and comfort
  6. Affordable price
  1. Break-in period can take a longer period which is a real disadvantage for a glove of such quality.

Why we recommend it?

The Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Glove Series comes from a company with a great understanding of their customer’s needs. The glove is a real bargain considering it affordable price and features. It is specially designed for female fastpitch players and suitable for outfielders and pitchers. It is one glove sure to make you have fun while you perform at a top level.

#8:Wilson A2K Baseball Glove Series

You cannot discuss about any glove in the market without talking about a Wilson product. The Wilson A2k baseball glove is designed with a very durable and reliable black Super skin construction material. This black Super skin is twice as strong as the usual leather and tends to be lighter thereby providing a lightweight glove which feels pretty amazing on the hand. The leather material does not provide any sweating issue. The A2K is well stocked with necessary features which are sure to come to the player’s aid at all times. It has a double palm construction which helps offer players maximum pocket stability. In order to ensure that the glove maintain its nice shape for years to come, Wilson provided a rolled dual welting feature to help with this and also make break-in seem quicker than usual.

Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds | iBatReviews (8)

Special Features:

  1. Black Super skin material
  2. Rolled Dual Welting
  3. Double palm construction
  4. Dri-Lex
  5. Wrist lining
  6. Reduced break-in time


  • Brand:Wilson
  • Model:WTA2KRB20B2
  • Position:First Base & Pitcher
  • Hand Orientation:Right hand throws only
  • Product Size:12 inches x 8 inches x 6 inches


Looking for a best baseball glove for 12 year old with proper fitting and feel then the Wilson A2K provides you just that and even better. Its Black Super Skin material is durable, light and soft. Its soft nature and lightweight feel offers you the best of comfort. Coupled with that, Wilson still added the Dri-lex and wrist lining feature to make sure your hands are dry and cool at all times while playing.

  1. Super durable and lightweight material
  2. Keeps hands cool and dry in gloves all day
  3. Excellent comfort and nice feel
  4. A real performance enhancer
  5. Superb design
  1. Price range is too much for a youth glove

Why we recommend it?

The Wilson A2K Baseball glove series is packed with a lot of necessary features to help you run the show on the pitch. It is strong and durable enough to last you for seasons to come. Aside its high price range, the glove is quite a good bargain if you consider its durability and features meaning you can go for seasons with having to replace this piece.

#9:Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series

One manufacturer with the passion for that has always been reliable when you try to consider putting the needs of the players with new designs, innovations and technological advancements has always been Mizuno. They create exceptional equipment for players of all game levels and the Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Series is another one of the extraordinary group. This glove is designed from a bio soft leather material which makes it exceptionally soft with the best feel and firm control. Just exactly what a young player would need. Its pocket is well centered and place under the index finger for an easy use as well as an easier and more versatile break-in process. If you want a glove capable of making you thrive with fast balls, then this glove is the right pick. Its Pro Level Lace is there to help you with just that. Its price range is quite affordable and makes it a great choice budget wise especially when taking a look at its features.

Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds | iBatReviews (9)

Special Features:

  1. Bio soft leather material
  2. Center pocket design
  3. Premium design
  4. Professional level lace
  5. Steer soft palm liner
  6. Tartan web style


  • Brand:Mizuno Corp
  • Model:312705.FR90.13.1200
  • Position:Infield, Outfield & Pitcher
  • Hand Orientation:Left hand throw
  • Product Size:12 inches x 6.9 inches x 6.7 inches


The MVP prime comes with a nice and top level feeling of comfort. Its bio soft leather material is pretty soft just like the name suggests and provides the best feeling and control during play. Its steer soft palm liner makes for a better and more comfortable palm area.

  1. Durable and soft material
  2. It is place at an affordable price range
  3. Centered pocket is a real benefit
  4. The glove is very versatile and can be used in more than one playing position
  5. Very attractive design
  1. Only suitable to one hand orientation

Why we recommend it?

The Mizuno MVP Prime Baseball Glove Series is just as good and reliable as its manufacturer. It is a glove of class and one for real performers. It is really soft and durable and sure to stand the rigors of your season without being unfazed or coming out tattered. Its price is just about right with its quality making it the right bargain.

Baseball Glove Size For 12 Year Olds

This is that part that creates a sense of difficulty most times when people are about to make a purchase. Choosing the best baseball glove for 12 year old to buy might be easy if you looking for design and features and all especially after seeing for help from reviews and all of that.

The real issue is making your purchase based on the right sized glove is where the problem begins. The correct glove is determined by the player’s position which determines its style and size. Take for instance a pitcher’s glove is often made with a closed web style so he can afford to hide his hand from the batter.

His glove might be sized at about 11.5 – 12.5 in length but when compared to the outfielder’s glove you will always get something different. The outfielder’s glove can then measure up about 12.5 – 13 inches in length with a possibly different webbing style. This is because no matter how small the length difference might be, a longer glove does help an outfielder. For players who are used to playing in different positions, utility gloves are mostly advised and these gloves can serve for instance, both a pitcher and an outfielder.

There are always different glove sizes in the market it is all dependent on choosing what size is better for your position and not basically your hand size. This might be a bit confusing but it is how it works. Choosing a glove size based on position rather than hand size is more beneficial. Youth gloves are now designed to have a smaller wrist stalls or adjustable wrist straps to fit smaller hands. This is sure to fit you perfectly and leave the glove feeling snug on the hand.

PositionSizes for 12 year old player

Below are the position sizes for 12 year old baseball player.

Catcher30 inches – 32.5 inches
Pitcher10.5 inches – 11.5 inches
Outfielder11.75 inches – 12.75 inches
First Base11.5 inches – 12 inches
Second Base11 inches – 11.5 inches
Third Base11 inches – 11.75 inches

Selecting The Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds

When trying to select the right or perfect baseball glove for 12 year old, there are various things at stake and numerous things to consider. There are some basic things you need to know and also check out because deciding on what glove you wish to purchase. Here are a few basic guidelines and thing you ought to know;

Playing Position:

The position you play is always a determining factor when picking a glove to buy. It is actually the most important of things to consider when selecting a glove. Various gloves are stipulated to various positions although in modern day game there are now utility gloves that can serve for more than one playing position but regardless, there are some positions with their unique equipment an example is the catcher’s mitt. It’s padding level and design makes it different from others and suitable only for its position.

Glove Material:

The material used in making the glove is always very important and should never be overlooked. They can be made of different kinds of materials, but the most popular and most durable are the leather gloves. Although there is also the treated leather glove as well. Leather is most preferred amongst baseball players due to its guaranteed comfort and durability. Some players do prefer going for the treated leather because of its quicker and easier break-in period compared to the pure leather gloves. If it is a glove for young players, then the synthetic leather is sometimes the best choice because compared to the other leather types, it is not as expensive and it is the lightest which means an easier use.

Wrist adjustments:

The glove needs to feel properly fitted and snug on the hand for the player to use it comfortably and enjoy his or her game. When the glove is not well or properly fitted, it makes the player uncomfortable especially with the fear of having it slip off during the game. A good glove should have a wrist adjustment feature in place for better fitting. It might be a lace, a buckle system, a Velcro wrist strap or a D-ring fastener.

Glove Padding:

The glove’s padding is another thing to pay keen attention to and is very important. In a catcher’s mitt most especially the more the padding the lesser the amount of impact or rebound effect felt from making a catch especially on fast or high speed balls. Positions like the first and third base players do need some more padding on their gloves compared to that of the pitcher. These days we often find wrist padding to be a thing to help create more comfort for the player.

Glove Webbing style:

Another important thing to consider is the type of webbing style used in designing the glove. Some gloves do make use of a looser web style like. For instance the infielder’s glove has a looser stitch which helps give more control and aids in getting the ball out faster. Outfielders do go for a more open webbing style so they can have as much visibility as possible while also trying to shield their faces from the sun. The pitcher uses a more closed web style to help him hid his grip from the batter so he won’t have an idea how the ball is going to be pitched. There are numerous webbing styles in baseball glove designs;

  1. Closed/Basket web
  2. Modified trapeze web
  3. H web
  4. Trapeze web
  5. Two piece closed web
  6. I web

Glove Pocket Size:

The position you play determines the size of your glove’s pocket. The outfielder will definitely have a glove with a larger pocket size than the infielder. This is to help the outfielder catch high speed and fly balls with ease. For the infielder, his pocket is usually smaller and shallower so he can get the ball out as quick as possible.

Hand Orientation:

The hand orientation of a glove is as important as any other guideline. Most gloves are made only suitable for one particular hand orientation. Either it is suitable to Right Hand Throw (RHT) or it is suitable to Left Hand Throw (LHT). Right hand throw means the player throws the ball with his or her right hand thereby wearing the glove on the left while the left hand throw mean he or she throws with the left and wears the glove on the right. It is important to know you throw hand as it will allow you make a better selection when buying a baseball glove.

If you are looking for baseball bats by player ages, following the links:

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Our Thoughts on the Best Baseball Gloves for 12 Year Olds

Selecting the best baseball gloves for 12 year olds can be risky at times. This is why we have come up with the right solution, strategies to help you be informed and know how to select the right one and also given you a list of the best baseball glove that are surely suitable for your 12 year old star. Male or female, our list has got them all covered. Be sure to take a close look at these and put them to good use and you will surely see a huge turnaround in your baseball glove decision making skills.


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